Belted Bikini

Few swimsuit or bikini styles are designed to accentuate a perfect waist or hide imperfections all at the same time. But, the belted bikini is capable of doing just that! Take a regular bikini and accessorize it with a boyish belt, and you have the perfect recipe to flatter virtually any figure. Higher waisted styles can be perfect for camouflaging small "love handles" that may not work so well with traditional bikini styles, while lower rise versions really show off a flat stomach and small hips and can make you look sexier than ever.

Often thought of as a style worn by the "James Bond girls," including beauties like Ursula Andress or Halle Berry, the belted bikini is truly one of those styles that can be worn by many different types of women and still be a flattering look. The belt adds a visual component to an otherwise bland swimsuit. Complementary colors or patterns can offer so many different style choices.

Some belted bikinis even come with multiple belts for the same basic suit—such as colored, patterned, or coordinating—allowing you to change up the belt and have a completely different swimsuit look instantly, whether you want to appear classy, flirty, playful or sexy!

Don’t limit yourself to a modest one piece suit or a plain bikini swimsuit. Take your fashion chances and show off your best features with a belted bikini. Find the style that suits your body best, wear it with confidence and just go with it! 




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