Bikini Shorts

For those women who may be a little more self conscious about letting it all hang out during swimsuit season, the option of bikini shorts may be the perfect solution. Bikini shorts are basically the bottom half of a two piece swimsuit, but they look just like regular shorts.

Typically they have a built in panty for coverage and they are made of the same Lycra or spandex mix as the rest of the swimsuit, so drying time isn’t a problem, either, if you choose to take a dip!

Bikini shorts are perfect for those women who want to wear a bikini top yet have more modest coverage below. Some women are a bit self conscious about their hips, butt or legs, and wearing a bathing suit bottom that is a little longer and resembles regular shorts can help them be more confident while still catching plenty of rays. This trendy style is especially perfect for those outings where you have more of a family crowd, or even casual get-togethers with co-workers who are used to seeing you fully covered!

Another plus of bikini shorts is that you can more easily mix and match your swimsuits—pair a basic black pair of bikini shorts with just about any bikini, tankini or halter top and you can be pretty stylish while not over exposing yourself. Similarly, choose a funky pair of bikini shorts and wear a plain top. Shake it up a bit, and have some fashion fun in the sun! 




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