Boy Short Bikini

Fun, flirty and sexy, the boy short bikini is one of the hottest fashion trends you will find. This type of underwear or swimwear takes some of the best ‘boy short’ styles and just makes them a little sexier and a little more feminine.

Most boy short bikini styles have thicker side bands and just cover the cheeks, others have more of a peekaboo styling that can be more revealing. Typically, though, the boy short bikini is found to be a little bit longer than some of the other styles that are referred to as "boykini."

Unlike most actual boy shorts or mens’ underwear, you will find a boy short bikini in virtually any pattern, print, color or design imaginable. Also, the actual mens’ underwear styles certainly tend to be less clingy and form fitting. From sexy leopard or zebra prints, to hot tie dye, to smiley faces, plaids, polka dots, whimsical designs or characters, there’s something for everyone when it comes to wearing the boy short bikini.

All in all, anything goes when it comes to underwear and swimwear. Like many areas of fashion, the boy short bikini takes a classic "mens" look that just adds a bit of a sexy or flirty twist that creates a unique style that both men and women love! So, whether you are looking to feel a little sexier and flirtier underneath your clothing or you want to flaunt your stuff in a hot swimsuit, the boy short bikini is the perfect answer. 




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